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Positive Changes. Positive plans.

Shitty self-image? Check.

Lets take care of it.

Order wii fit... Check.
Fruit for breakfast... Check.
Buy Slimfast to replace a meal a day... Check.
Smaller portions, healthier choices... Check.

I swear to God, if you see me with greasy fast food, you slap it out of my hand.
You hear me?

Accountability partners.... Check.
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New Icon Journal

yo!  i finally made an icon journal... dizzy_icon 
sooo, if you like tegan and sara you should head over there and check the first post :D
there are over 70, all from the "it's not fun, don't do it" DVD
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I'm Goin' Friends Only!

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If we have any similar intrests, comment and i'll add you!
(I try to only stay friends with people who i actively talk to)
-If you're already friends with me...  no need to comment, I'm not deletin' anybody-

Tank Girl: Why so Srs?

Icons Post

A whole batch of Various Fandom icons.
Mostly stuff i've put in past icontests + a few random ones.

1-13 L Word
14 Dexter
15-16 House
17-18 Johnny Depp & Travis Fimmel
19-23 Bones, David B and Emily D
24-25 Zooey Deschanel
26-37 Buffy
38-43 Milo Ventimiglia
44-50 Firefly/Promo


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